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Had an idea for a game concept and thought I'd share it just in case someone is actually able to use it.

At one time Christian Hosoi was the most famous skateboarder during the 1980s and into the 1990s. The magazine Thrasher often featured him. The main point of the game would be a "story mode" where the story of Christian's life would serve as a moral lesson. You see, Christian thought he could find life in his $350,000 a year salary (more than NFL stars at the time) and his rock star lifestyle, but it just left him empty. He tried filling that emptiness with drugs but that didn't work fact, it landed him in jail. At that low point in his life he was given a Bible by his girlfriend and he devoured it while in jail. During his stay in prison he became a Christian. He was released 6.5 years early due to excellent behavior and now he is reaching out to the people with the Livin It tour. So basically the game ends with the major point that the only true way to find fulfillment is through Christ.

The game basically would be in the genre of Tony Hawk Pro Skater. The history of skateboarding would be the backdrop and special events in real life would serve as the "levels". In-between could be some sort of RPG elements and parts of the story. New moves would be unlocked as Christian, or another skater, invents them. A "boss" could be Christian competing with a then-young Tony Hawk (but that'd require permission...). Now obviously in order to do a game like this you'd have to contact the Livin It tour people as well as Christian himself. But if done right I think this concept could work pretty well.



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Originally posted by Gump:
A "boss" could be Christian competing with a then-young Tony Hawk (but that'd require permission...).

Not if it's Honey Tawk - the infamous girl skater who likes to flatter her competition, before she schools them! But she looks strangely similar to another famous skater with a similar sounding name....

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I like the idea of that -- one thing that I could see it working with is taking a "retro" feel for skateboarding, looking at the roots of the sport.

That could be really cool!



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Boss idea: (dont kill me)

coolj got to do a fun one, and this just poped out of my head

robot-skater wiht gatling gun! haha, okay, now im serious, how about um, a group of the guy's old friends who weren't happy with him turning Christan?

(yes, i know im stupid)
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