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I got the idea of making a commercial text editor. Commerical you say? bah who would buy that? Well people already do. Go to and type in text editor or something like that and you will come up with a bunch of results.

So I want to make a commercial text editor. Syntax highlighting and such.
I also even though of making a syntax check button for whatever languages this thing supports. Of course any language could be used with it, but only the "supported" languages would have syntax highlighting. If anyone has any ideas or suggestions please post.


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But those editors have long history and they are really good so it's going to take a real effort to beat them. And there are some really good free editors that has support for all languages syntax highlighting like jEdit.

Just warning you, I hate to bring the bad news...

I tried making a text editor a long time ago and it sure wasn't easy to make the syntax highlight.

On another note there are many open source text editors which you can learn from.

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More bad news... there's too may of them out there. You should help make one better... try emacs or maybe even vim. That's we really need... not new text editors, but better ones. Or modify and sell your own version of emacs/vim and sell the source too.

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