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Now as we all know, D-SIPL has claimed of ethical hacking. I didn't quite catch on to it first. Soon, I decided to see what it really was. I found some old happy hacker guides and the black book to hacking. I now understand what ethical hacking is and I'm hooked. With their permission, I have tried to hack into my friends luck. I also found out that there is some thigns you cannot do without hacking tools. Now of course I could just download billons of canned programs, become a script kiddie, and get in heaps of trouble. But no! One of my reasons for hacking is enjoyment! And getting in trouble is not fun. Another reason is security audits. So my point is, I would like to learn to write my own hacking programs. I write in C++ as my primary language. If someone could help me out (I bet D-SIPL is reading this....) I would appreciate it!

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cool. i try to stay away from hacking...but that's because the blackhat stuff is what entices me. very black, and very bad. although if i do complete college this time i'm sure i'll learn a lot about embarrasing would it be to have your network broke into by a script kiddie...sorry...thought just crossed my mind.

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