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Does anyone know of a free or open source clone for visual basic 6.0? Thanks yall.


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What platform? (Linux or Windows?)

I'm going to assume you're talking about Windows, though if you want Linux help I can point you in a few directions there also.

I hadn't heard of KBasic before, that's a cool looking project.

Some other alternatives are to use Visual Basic.NET. I don't think it's much harder to learn than VB 6.

SharpDevelop supports Visual Basic .NET, and it's a free IDE. That's what I use for a lot of things.

Or you can download Microsoft's free express products:

Hope that helps!



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I'd recommend C#, which you can get an IDE for free. VB is really terrible, although VB.NET is a little better. If you don't want to be a serious programmer, then I guess try one of the many BASIC variants around, just don't make the mistake of thinking they will make you a programmer in any employable sense of the word.


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that's a little harsh man . i know there's a lot more jobs if you go the c/c++/c# route, but visual basic isn't completely useless, or else it wouldn't be around anymore. it's also easier to get you started into programming.

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Yeah, I learned VB, and I can see where is has a lot of limitations, and it's probably a better use of your time to learn a C language, but VB is not completely useless, and it's very useful for creating small apps rather easily. Haven't use it in awhile, and I'm gonna start working on learning C++, or maybe Javascript, I dunno yet...


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Not to over emphasise a point, but don't knock BASIC type languages too much. I have worked commercialy with two BASIC variants, one of them VB6 and the other an in-house developed language. Personaly, I prefer BASIC over C and its derivatives!! It all gets crunched into lots of 1's and 0's at the end of the day

But admitedly, C does have more job prospects than BASIC!