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i was wondering if the microsoft certifications would be something worth obtaining? also if visual basic would actually be useful, or if i should go with once i've managed to get me a job, and hold it down to prove that i can actually do something without quiting, i'm planning on going back to school. i plan on going toward the web design/development side of things. any advice would be helpful. prayers would also be helpful .

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I have my MCSE which i need to re-do sometime soon (but i probably won't). I found it helpful in finding jobs, it looks good, but other then that it's all pretty bog standard stuff. You could learn the material, do the exam and pass in no time.


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I don't think there's a need to get a mcsd/mcad/mcse/etc until you are ready to get a full-time job in a related field. Even then, it's probably not necessary but it would look great on a resume. At my job, we have 6 developers (including myself) and none of us have any of those certifications, although I have some the books just for reference.