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how do i write a program in blitz basic 3d to open a bpm file – wplodge

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i'm trying to make a program that uses bmp file but i'm not sure how to do it can anyone help, or is it not possible to make a program that can open image files. i'm new to programming


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sorry didn't read the title properly.


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Ive never actualy done any real coding but Im sure its possible.


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Blitz3D fully supports bmp images as well as other formats.

The simple answer is

MyImg = LoadImage("C:\Folder\MyImage.bmp")

but ofc depends what you are trying to achieve? Perhaps you could explain more? For example, if you want to use the image as a texture on a 3D object you would use

MyTex = LoadTexture("C:\Folder\MyImage.bmp")

There are loads of flags to consider too, like if you want use transparency etc.

..and then you need to display the image on the screen somehow, but this depends on what you are trying to achieve?

Does that help any?

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