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I have been thinking about making a website with my own tutorials. I really enjoyed but they are charging for most of their tuts now. Which brought me to my current thought of making a site with basic to advanced programming concepts.

Tutorials would be the focus of the site. So many help sites make you wade through ten pages before you actually get somewhere. I hope to make the tutorials easy to access and easy to understand. To start with I am going to make a few simple documents on the basics of C++ (variables, functions, pointers, classes, etc...).

I would really like to know if anyone is interested in this idea. Please let me know what you think and what would be good to put on the site.

Note: I am also looking for a good web hosting service.



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Why don't you write some tutorials for this site as a kinda taster. Get feedback and then think about doing your own site.

Just a thought.


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I agree with D-SIPL. Add some stuff to the Code Database or write some articles. This site already has what you're talking about, we just need to keep adding to it.


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