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Is there a program that allows you to make maps of MUDs? I mean, in a game I played, they had downloadable maps of the world. You couldn't actually see them in the game, but you could look at them in a different window while playing. If you need more explanation, feel free to ask because I can tell this isn't really very explanatory...

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Usually MUDs have their own built-in editors.

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Hey Mellonamin!

Depending on how much of this you want to code yourself, you might want to have a look at some open-source MUD engines. Here's some links I dug up for you -- keep in mind there are more than this, but this is just a sampling of what's out there.

TigerMUD's goal: Let non-coders create virtual worlds through a feature-rich MUD engine, with easy setup and admin, combat, player housing, city governments, crafting, and more. Coders should also have fun, since TigerMUD is written in C# and uses MySQL
(Edit: I just looked this one over quickly, and it looks ideal for a starding MUD project! Check out their homepage at

Written in C++ with an OO design, designed to provide utmost flexibility for the designer to create complex worlds. Fully functional builder port, online interpreted specials code, flexible levels/quest/profession track system.

(Note -- this looks a little more complex, you may or may not want to tackle this one. Of the two here, TigerMUD looks like a simpler choice).

So there's two pre-existing MUD engines that include tools to build your own world.

There are more out there, but these are just a couple I found quickly.

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