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i was wondering if anyone knew a good book or two that would explain the syntax, and the commands of visual basic 6, a book that would actually be useful. every book i seem to look at for vb6 is either explaining what a command button is and how to change the properties, or explaining some expert level thing. any help would be appreciated.

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I don't know any good books, or anything, but if you need any help, I've programmed in various BASIC languages, including VB, so ask away (might be easier if you jsut email me - I'm not sure hw often I'll be here)


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The book that taught me Visual Basic is "Beginning Visual Basic 5" by Peter Wright. He's a very entertaining writer, and there's an edition of his book now for VB 6. At first he's got the whole "This is a command button, this is a hole in the ground" sort of basic approach, but I don't seem to remember that he keeps it for long.

Are you just asking for a reference book? Just an index of commands and things?