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Hi all,me and couple of friends are deciding to make a Gulf War game.We need someone that is good at coding to help us,as we are rubbish at coding.This game will be free,so there is no pay.We are looking for someone that can code an engine/code around an engine.The game will include Land(guns+tanks),Sea(Boats and Subs) and Air(Planes and choppers).Now if anyone could help us code this,we will be so greatful.We are mainly Modelers,and if possible we also need a few skinners/graphics/concept artists.Anyone interested please contact me at:
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Sounds like you should just make a mod with the tools provided with the new Battlefield: Vietnam.


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Or just play the desert combat mod for the original battlefield 1942? Sounds exactly like what you are saying, and it is probably your number one competition. Unless you are focusing on single player gaming, which is not a bad idea. There are a few gulf war single player games but nothing encompassing all the vehicle types you've mentioned. The Conflict Desert Storm (1 and 2) games spring to mind. They have a few drivable vehicles.