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I just wanted to bring up an in-development game called Orion by Rebel Planet Creations. Peter Churness and I have talked now and then and he recently emailed me to show an update on their promising Christian RPG based in the pre-flood times of Genesis. The project looks great so far:

Information here:

Screenshots here:

Keep these guys in your prayers!

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Those screenies look tight, very nice. Looks like this game will be a great ambassador for christian games.


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it looks like an rpg i can play without conviction hitting me, sweet :-). i really like rpgs, but they tend to stress certain features of the female characters which makes my mind wonder off, so i'll be glad when this game comes out. is there any kind of demo? the screen shots looked good, and the story line sounded interesting too. hope it all goes well.

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wow, that's awesome... and funny, that was one of my game ideas. not the plot, but the setting. pre-flood as so many possibilites. looking forward to playing it!

want an rpg where women have full armor? Dungeond Siege. totally.
The expansion, Legends of Aranna, comes with the full game, so. it's a deal. addicting game, really...



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The Graphics in that game look sweet. I would love to get my hands on a copy when its done.

I've heard that some Christians think the pre-flood ppl were messing with genetic engineering and that was a reason why they were wiped out. I played with that idea in the story for my game. Using technology and creatures that are long lost now cause of the flood. Using that allowed me to come with my Chameodragon idea.