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Here's an exhortation to follow the Christian way as it is layed out for us in the Bible. It breaks my heart to see brothers treating each other as the world does.

This is what the Bible says: If a Christian has a grievance with another Christian, he is to go to his brother privately to address the grievance. If no resolution is found, the matter should be brought before a few trustworthy Christians, and if no resolution is found, the matter is to be decided publicly. This is the way the Bible lays it out for us. We ought not to publicly humiliate each other, call each other names, or bring accusation to one another.

If the matter is small, it should be resolved rather quickly. But no matter of grievance is insignificant enough to justify ignoring the Bible. Go to your brother privately, even if it is a slight grievance. PM him first. Don't post your grievance in the forums as a permanent record of unforgiveness.

Be careful when you judge, because the point at which you judge someone is the same point at which you judge yourself. (Romans)

This is also what the Word says: If a person aspires to authority, he is to be well-tempered.

It should be understood that authority does not command obedience. Contrary to the world, being a person of authority does not give permission to enslave your brothers. (I bring this up not because of any moderator, but because of those who aspire to become a moderator or in other ways desire authority) A person who lays down rules should not become unruly himself if no one follows the rules. But a person who lays down rules should be merciful. He should desire mercy and not sacrifice.


I exhort you to live the full life that Christ has for you. Read the Word to learn these things--always and repeatedly, meditating on it day and night--and His wisdom will become part of your soul, and you'll live a great life because of it. But if you do not know these things and yet mock them and do not strive to get wisdom, you will bring wrath and dissapointment to yourself, and hurt to others.

I pray that you all succeed more than you could imagine, because you apply yourself to Scripture.



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Good that you posted this! Yes, always forgive, there is no reason for not to. Also if you know that some one has not forgiven you, it doesn't mean we may not try to make peace, with him: Mat 5:23-25.

Remember to pray for each others, love covers all hatred and sin: Pro 10:12, 1Pe 4:8

Psa 32:5 I acknowledged my sin unto thee, and mine iniquity have I not hid. I said, I will confess my transgressions unto the LORD; and thou forgavest the iniquity of my sin. Selah.

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