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The first and second chapters of Genesis – Lazarus



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Reading them, I find that in the first chapter it goes from animals to Man, and in the second, Man is created and then the animals.

Why this apparent contradiction?

I've always thought it was like a retelling but with more detail about how Adam and Eve were created and why the animals were created.

Any other views out there?

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In the first chapter it describes in detail the order that God created everything. In the beginning of the second chapter it gives a quick summary of what was created. Note the use of the word AND in the second chapter not THEN. It seems to be more of the order of mans interaction with what was created in the second chapter then the order that it was created.


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You mean Gen 2:19? It simply mentions from where the animals had come from as outlined in Chapter 1.
Gen 1:20-22 = Creatures in the sea and birds of the air.
Gen 1:24-25 Creatures of the land
Then Gen 1:26 Man
The point of the verse is to mention where the animals came from and that Adam would name them. The actual creation account of the animals are in Chapter 1. The point of the passage in context is to say, God created animals out of the dust of the earth, Adam is to name them all but among them there is none found comparable to him to be his helper even though they all originated from the earth as he did. This sets up for the creation of Eve from Adam and for Adam of whom was created from the earth. No contradictions, Gen 1 outlines the creation account in order and Gen 2 expounds on Gen 1 and then introduces further elements into the central theme which is the creation of man.


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excellent discussion. It is true that Gen 2:19 refers to the creation of living creatures that were brought to Adam to name

The amplified version states And out of the ground the Lord God formed (past tense, it was already a done deal) every [wild] beast and lving creature of the field and every bird of the air and brought them to Adam to see what he would call them; and whatever Adam called every living creature that was it's name.

Definitely past tense. It is the first (I may be corrected) instance of devine revelation. How did Adam know how to name every creature, it was already in his sprit as revealed by God, but that is another discussion.



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Oh, wow...I linked to AiG.



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Four most important words ever written: Gen. 1:1 In the beginning God.

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