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Cool video - Jesus comes – jari



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Hi, I was doing some research on john's revelation and found this rapture video:

I hope you are ready...

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Thank-you for this link post. Video is frightening but liberating.




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The pastor at our church allowed a man to talk about a manifestation of God that happened to him a few days ago. He said that he had a heavy heart for many years and he was getting frustated and mad because he was getting impatient for the burden to get revealed to him.

He was in his cabin, his family asleep and he was praying over what Bible study to do for the next Connecting Group (ministry name) that they're starting up in the fall. Was it going to be on Holiness or the Holy Spirit? He opened his eyes and saw a tall figure, dressed in white clothes, black hair down to his neck standing there. He couldn't see the face of the figure, it was blocked/masked from him. He was frozen in place, he couldn't speak, he couldn't move, he could just watch.

The figure walked over to one of the doors of the cabin, opened the door, looked at him and said: "I am coming soon. Are My children ready?" and then closed the door. He then walked towards the door leading outside of the cabin, opened it, walked outside onto the deck, kept on walking and then flew into the night sky.

He said he had such a hard time staying in the cabin the next few days because he felt like the entire area around the cabin was purified and was holy ground. His burden was gone, he's excited and praising God for releasing his burden.

Just thought it was cool that you posted about the rapture video and the same day this gent testified, pretty close to the same subject.

*ding* and a voice just went off in my head: and the competition were doing at CCN is about Revelation.




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it's either a sign or a conspiracy

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