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Hello All,

I have started a BLOG that will someday soon work it's way into a PodCast about the concept of FireKnights Round Table Report. What are the FireKnights? Good question, a knight is a person is service to a king and someone on fire is said to have passion and boldness about a subject. So, a FireKnights is a someone who is Boldy serving the King of Kings. The Round Table Report is a place where I hope to collect testimonies to the power of God working in the world today and place them online in one place so that the body of Christ can come to believe the Bible when it says that we can heal the sick, raise the dead and see miracles greater then Jesus. With that in mind, I invite you to stop over and take a look at my start of this ministry at the BLOG at

While I am at it, if you go to, there is an awesome almost daily PodCast called Two Blind Squirrels. I have met one of the Blind Squirrels and he was awesome. They are christians that have a lot of funny stuff to say. So, check them out. And they have placed my latest post to the blog on their main page. These guys are awesome.

Love in Christ,