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Hi, My name is Tim and I am 27 years old. A couple months ago my dad started talking about a book he just got done reading. I will tell you this up front, I don't like to read. The way my dad starting talking about this book drew me to it and I had to at least take a look. Well I am proud to say, that I read the entire book, it is the first adult book I have ever read. So why am I writing this... because I feel EVERYONE could grow closer to Christ by reading. Between me and my father we have probably giving this book out to a dozen people. So, what is the title I suppose you are asking. "Letters From a Skeptic" by Dr. Gregory A. Boyd and Edward K. Boyd (Yes they are related - Son and Father respectively). Dr. Greg Boyd is a professor at Bethel in MN. and his father Ed lives in FL. This book is a gathering of letters written back and forth between Greg and his father. Greg feared, because his father didn't believe in Christ, that he wouldn't go to Heaven and dispite his earlier efforts never could convert his father. So he was able to convince his father to start a letter conversation where his dad could ask any question and he would answer it as best he can. This book covers the three year conversation.

So, there is a little bit about the book, I think everyone can find answers in this book. Read it, share it, it will increase your faith, I know it increased mine.



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sounds interesting

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ill read that. sounds very interesting.

yeah, im a little crazy

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Yeah, it does sound interesting. I'll check it out. Thanks, and welcome to the forums!

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