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The Miracle in Syria. Scary – warsong

I heard this on international news. Well here are some links and here is the story about it online.
I saw more sites have it but google does not seem to show them.

read the story on the link and tell me if you think that the miracle is kind of freaky. It almost sounds like a horror film.

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i have no doubt in GOD's ability to perform such a miracle. however, i don't believe a woman had anything to do with it. GOD has no mother. and mary, though blessed, and she was the vessel GOD used to bring HIS Son into this world, has no more power than any of us, or any of the saints before us had.

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You are right benny the bear. Mary was blessed. It all was about Jesus. When Jesus makes the wine at a wedding, he says his time hasn't come yet. Mary doesn't. You see who is the most important. Mary says after the conversation. "Do as he says.".

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Originally posted by warsong:
I heard this on international news.

Which news agency? I can't find it anywhere. The author does mention this story making news throughout the middle east and on the internet when it allegedly occured back in December 2004. But, I can't find mention of this story anywhere except mainly orthodox websites, and even there, it is always the same exact text being relayed.

Without factual detail, it is hard to confirm a story, and reminds me of all those crazy urban legends that get passed around via email.

This story seems to have popped up around June. If anyone can find earlier 'news' releases of this story, I would be interested. Maybe an interview with the man, since it does mention him relaying his story by starting with 'When I was a Moslem..'

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God said "I want him to be kept alive" and BAM! he was alive.
wow! God ROCKS!

(yes, i know im stupid)
God rules!

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