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I would like to point out to those who are going to be debating and discussing different aspects of Christianity that if you are going to try to discuss your beliefs, you have to be open to other beliefs. Who knows, maybe you will learn something important. I know I have learned so many new things, but I have also been a deaf arguer and said dumb things with a closed mind.

Ok, what say you all, do you think Christians should be open to the ideas of people they are trying to "convert," or are most set in stone with what they think and believe. I personally believe that most Christians when evangelising will put up a barrier against all other beliefs, most in an appropriate way, with a connection still being made, but some make it impossible to connect with the people they are trying to save.

Just trying to stir up some conversation. All opinions are welcome.

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Always pray for wisdom. For it's always God who gives us the right answers never our self's.

Just wanted to remind about the most important.


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(Forgive me for this brief post; I lost what I had intended to post - some exhaustive and extensive thoughts. All I can do now is give you my scripture references and hope that suffices at getting across what I intended. I was going to include these anyway. These read quite well in the New Living Translation, which is the version I chose to use.)

Matthew 13:10-17

2 Corinthians 3:12-18

Ephesians 4:17-32

Ephesians 5:3-20

Hebrews 3:7-19

2 Timothy 4:1-5

Titus 1:10-16

2 Peter 1

I hope this study helps; I enjoyed it.

God bless

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I'm not fond of the way people generaly use the words "open mind". The phrase has become a buzz phrase used by people who can't take it when others disagree with them.
I'm not saying this in refrence to Max at all, but more what I see in pop culture. You always have to be wary of people who use phrases like this as a cloak to cover reletivistic philosophy.

HOWEVER, the term "hypocrit" is a greek compound word..hypo and critical. Obviously most people know what "critical means" and hypo means "under". I was originaly surprised to learn that the word hypocrit literaly means "under critical". Most people think of hypocrits as being too critical.
The point is that hypocrit's are under critical, because they criticize other people and other views, but they don't criticize themselves and their own views.

Further more, it is easy to disect opposing view points and find flaws. This is a basic debate skill that anyone can learn with a little logical training. ANY belief or view point can be torn apart by a skeptic. If you want to legitimately understand a view point, and thus be able to credibly talk to the people who hold that view point, you have to look at the view point from the perspective of understanding as a believer would... not the perspective of trying to find weaknesses and points of attack.

This does not mean that you should allow yourself to be tossed too and fro by every new idea that comes your way. I just means you should consider things reasonable and honestly. Consider that you don't know everything, and can very possibly be wrong. This also does not mean that you have to constantly be indecisive or uncommitted to a belief.

In my time I've questioned most of my beliefs, I've considered many opposing beliefs.. and after doing so, as honestly as I've been able, I've come to some conclusions. Some things I am set on and my mind is no longer "open" on those issues because my decision is made. Being open doesn't mean you never make a decision.

On the other side again. If we are unable to consider new ideas, and ideas that even contradict our own beliefs, we can never learn. This is a huge trap that many christians fall in to. They are presented with a certain doctrinal view point by their pastor, parents etc, and they will defend that doctrinal view point to the death, never considering the possability that any other view point could be correct.. but only looking at other view points witht he mind set of how to defeat them in argument. This kind of attitude stops us from seeking truth.

Sometimes, knowing what you don't know is as important as knowing what you do know.

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Good points, and well said. I figured you would have the right words, I was just waiting for you to respond on it.

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I think it is very important that Christians be open to the Bible. Many people will come to you and try to convince you that something is true, but it is so often the case that what they are saying has no basis or a very weak basis in the Bible.

If someone comes to you with the scripture (see nfektious' post 0=) we should be open to hear what they see in the scripture. If someone is using the scripture to make a point, we should be open to what the Bible says. Its also important that we look at everything that the Bible says concerning a topic, since scriptures can be taken out of context, and some scriptures can be interpretted in many different ways.

I agree with simon_templar that the post modernistic view of having an open mind is very dangerous. We have to remember that there is one truth, and we can't all be right. It seems that so often the post modernistic view puts people in a static state. Because they are satisfied with their truth, they are no longer seeking. Because they believe that those around them each can hold a different truth, they are no longer reaching out to others.

We must never stop seeking the one truth. Not only should we be stirring up those around us by pointing them to new passages which shed light on what they believe, we should also constantly be seeking new light from His word ourselves so that our understanding may be increased.

I am greatly encouraged by the stirring up which I am receiving here on CCN by my brothers and sisters. Thank you!



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What annoys me is not the idea that I listen and think about others' point of view - that I'm OK with. What annoys me is that some people don't like the fact that I reject other views. Nevermind that I do my homework - I do, in fact, do some research from time to time. It's just that I think the evidence for Christianity is strong.

But noo, they can't deal with the evidence, they keep insisting that somehow I can't reject other views, even if they are contradictary.

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