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I need fast pace tunes to crank out code to! Preferebly Christian. My cd collection is pretty lame. I've got some christian compilation cds (WOW) and some Jar of Clay. I'm bored of these and are too slow. Any recomendations?


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Check out Disciple (Back again is a great album). Blindside might be worth a look as well.


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I enjoy Ultrabeat (a christian techno CD, any one know other good Christian Techno?) Blindside, DC Talk, OC Supertones, G.I.Gantic (made of Mojo and Ethan of OC Supertones because Supertones broke up ), Skillet (good mix between hard/fast and slow/soft), Superchick (if I had a CD), Jeremy Camp, and many others (with some Gundum Wing and Cowboy BeBop music thrown in ).

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Disciple is really good. gonna listen to some now...
songs: I Just Know and Back Again. good songs.

some good Christian Compilations are the x2003 and x2004. I suggest them. the WoW's bored me.

also suggest Project 86 (the ultimate hard rock band; best song: Little Green Men), P.O.D., Anberlin, Demon Hunter (Best Song: Not Ready to Die).

if you want good Christian Techno, I highly suggest Andy Hunter. his songs make it into movies (like italian job, Ballistic, etc. even a Matrix trailer. heh.)

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Also, Kerry Livgren is pretty cool. Actually there are some free songs of his online. "All Creation Sings" and "Racing Away" are my favs. that are listed there.

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My all time favorite group is the World Wide Message Tribe. They then became The Tribe and now have went their separate ways... . Raze was also a great group but they don't exist anymore. Avalon has good music as well (they are still around, YAY!). I have a huge list of great christian music artists, and have to agree with the previous posts as well (good choices).


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Hey, Ultrabeat. I heard a song from that album on the radio once. It was prety good. I like Andy Hunter too. I only heard one song of his though. Hrm, I haven't bought any CDs in a while. Uhm, on the free side though, there is internet radio stations. Live 365 has some cool stations.

*laughs* well, there's my no budget suggestion.



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I like Jars of Clay alot...
Cept like "This is your life" could be kinda depressing if your listening while coding

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I like to listen to Third Day and Earthsuit when I code. Nice and fast without giving me a headache. It's also nice to mix a few slower songs in every once in a while to give you some time to sit back, close your eyes, and recharge.

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