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my pastor is asking our general association for info on this, so i figured i would ask here. ok, it's good to get people saved, but what about discipling them? like teaching them to reach the lost, teaching them how to pray(as Jesus did), and teaching them stuff that will help them make the right decisions for themselves through prayer and looking at the word of God. does anyone know where to find resources for discipling people? anykind of help, books, websites, even good places to look in the bible(prob'ly the best ). any help would be appreciated! God bless.

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Can't think of anything on descipleship. You can check out, Its John Macarthurs website. There might be something on discipleship there.

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there are lots of good materials for discipleship
i think the biggest thing more is relationship, follow up
Jesus does say to make disciples of men, not converts, i think if christians are willing to take on new christians into small groups, be involved in their lives, and mentor them, naturally be around them, naturally being enthusiatic and talking about the things of God (rather than how it seems christians often just talk about anything else by God when together), that is natural discipleship..
yet its good to have some good materials to make sure you cover all the basic tenets of christianity, so people don't grow up with a false understanding of the gospel, or have significant holes in their understanding of the gospel..

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