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Im leaving to go to Duxbury convention today. I'll be gone for 4 days so I wont be able to talk. Duxbury Convention is really a pretty cool place. It's been there for like 400 years. People hve tried to burn it many times (and it should have burned) but God wont let them touch it. It's kinda nice to go there and get away from it all and be with God for a few days. Free rooms, free food, church twice a day exept on sunday when there is only a morning service and then you go home. Im not sure how to get there but if you remind me in the spring (before may) I can tell you. It's in... Massachussets? Main? Well anyway, if you go down there you can go to the park down the road, you can play ball outback or outfront, you can drive down to the ocean, you can... well you get the point. Its also kinda neat just to explore the building and see all the antique junk. Well try to remember and Ill tell you where to go in the spring ok?


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