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Darwin: "I remember well the time when the thought of the eye made me cold all over, but I have got over this stage of the complaint, and now small trifling particulars of structure often leave me very ncomfortable. The sight of a feather in a peacock's tail whenever I gaze at it, make me sick." Macbeth, Darwin retried, p. 101 n.

That's right folks I'm ready to bring it out again, and no I won't pull any punches, but present just a few key evidences for special creation, and no doubt argue every last of my points to death. So enjoy!

The claim has been made that life was created in the lab, look in your biology textbooks, its probably there. This is what they actually did, they created an artificial environment that created an amino from raw materials, one of the nuts-and-blots of life, but something short of a BMW. The expirement was artificial in two ways, it applied electricity and then removed the material from that influence, and then it was removed from the 98% resulting tar and other stuff that would kill them. The truth is these things break way easier than they form. Several of the amino acids only last a few months, so the idea that you have them sitting around for eons for random chance to perform its magic is bologna. Then you've got the odd problem of left-handed verses right-handed aminos. But like I said this is only like a lug-nut, not a Mercedes..

Lets start out with a basic argument which goes like this...
There are twenty amino acids that make up proteins which make up DNA in living things. Proteins can be anywhere from hundreds to thousands of aminos long, but the funny thing is that in order to function approximately half of these must come in a certain order, in other words it does no good adding 'a' after 'b', it must come after 'c'. Calculated out this means that a protein only 200 aminos long has a probability of 1/20^100, do the math, that's a big dude.

Now a generous estimate for the maximum random interactions of molecules over 30 billion years has been made at 10^110. So, if the probability of one protein forming is less than the number of chance reactions, the chance of getting a single chain is effectively zip. Not just low, but out of the question. Now add that enzymes (a type of protein) must have a specific 3-dimensional shape, and that there are over 2,000 enzymes necessary for life, and you begin to see something that screams design.

Now after all of that, lets add something interesting, O2, pure oxygen. The funny thing is that having it around would oxidize some necessary chemicals and kill any developing life, but on the other hand without it you would have no ozone and so UV rays would kill any developing life. Call it what you like but I would call this a copyright notice.

There's a difference you know, 'tween having faith and playing make-believe. One will make you grow, the other one's just a fantasy...

Faith without works is like a song you can't sing, it's about as useless as a screendoor on a submarine...