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Rapid Formation of Planets – Gump



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The data "just" happens to fit rapid planet formation while the old model of millions of years has many problems... imagine that.



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I go to sites like that from time to time... still I didnt know a cool thery like that was around. That makes an intersting thery like mine and others make sence. God's day is a 1000 years long for us. Thus the earth could be made in one day by God's standerds. Sence a plant can be made in 300 years by their model. Niffity!


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Thanks for pointing the link out! I think this type of stuff is interesting and also comical.

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I wonder . . .

Would this model be compatible with Humphreys' hypothesis?

God's day is a 1000 years long for us. Thus the earth could be made in one day by God's standerds.

I forget where this phrase is used, but I know it wasn't referring to the creation of the world.

After a bit of research, I found a similar phrase used in Psalms 90:4. Seems to be a passage filled with figures of speech; it seems to be about God's anger, and a request for compassion. It's defnitely not a cut-and-dry creation account. I'm not sure where else the word appears, or whet its equivalent in Hebrew is, but there do seem to be some articles in Answers in Genesis that address the issues surrounding how the word "day" is used in Genesis.

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