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Here's some encouragement – Gift


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Wow, I thought this was some good stuf.


Love in Christ


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Thanks. I just read a bit of it, but I've bookmarked it for later. Sounds like something not only interesting, but a proof to all those who believe in science as a god...

Praise Jesus Christ in Heaven, because He'll resolve all these things in the minds of all people, because "every knee shall bow and toungue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord"! Praise God forever, with all truth!
With love from God,
Brother Jeremy



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This kind of stuff is great!

I really like what Ken ham has going on with I can't wait to visit his creation museum when it is compleeted. I wish REAL science would win the skeptics over. Problem is they will deny the truth to hold on to there flawed system.

I think the best part of this stuff is that it helps us to be even more sure of our faith and the truth we believe in. Thank GOD for being WHO HE IS!