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according to the Sunday Times :

"UP TO 10% of patients brought back from the dead by hospital resuscitation have reported conscious memories formed some time after all life has apparently left their body.
A doctors’ conference in London yesterday heard evidence from studies of the phenomenon, which could change scientific understanding of consciousness and the connection between brain and mind."

Full report

"Some patients who had been declared “brain dead” have later recounted conversations between medical staff trying to resuscitate them. Others have accurately described events or hidden objects that they had apparently observed during out-of-body experiences in the minutes following clinical death when their heart, breathing and brain activity had completely stopped."

Anybody on CCN experienced LIFE after Death ? or 1st hand encounter/family?

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c h i e f y
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The Bible says that the dead are asleep until the return of Jesus, and that the 'dead know nothing'. The path from life to death may not be fully understood, and therefore explain what you've read, but we do not die and immediately live again, although it will seem that way to us, because we'll have been asleep.


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The dead are indeed conscious. Perhaps you might like to look at some of these verses and consider your opinion again?.
Luke 16:19-31 (rich man and poor man conscious after death),
Matthew 17:3 (Moses and Elijah appear to Apostles, quite conscious)
2Corinthians 5:6-8 absent from the body, asleep with the Lord?
The greek says "Pros ton Kurion" that is active towards the Lord, not in soul sleep, not in purgatory, not awaiting re-creation but in greek present participle active.
Philemon 1:23 see above
Luke 23:43, today you will be with me in Paradise. Not snoozing!
Revelation 5:3 & 9 men awake and conscious in heaven, regretting their unworthiness, singing praise, and this before the final judgement.
Let the Scriptures speak, let Scripture interpert Scripture and not someone elses interpertation.
God Bless and I look forward to seeing all you brothers and sisters there before the throne of God, in His Time though!




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Hmm. . .

What happens outside of the spacetime of our universe is a bit of a mystery . . .

Yes, I think God made time as well as space, so he's not limited by time.

What happens between the time we die and the time we reach heaven is a mystery, as far as I'm concerned.

I don't know what to make of out-of-body experiences, although I have heard of them.

c h i e f y


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Christian! Hi my friend

you quoted the bible "the dead are asleep until the return of Jesus"

what is your interpretation of this ?

what actual sense do you make of this?

I mean, do you believe that Jesus will return in our life times ?

Don't worry I'm not putting this in a negative way, I'm just seeking some sincere illumination on your chosen quote, that's all

I'm listening ! It's just that to me.... there are going to be a heck of a lot of dead asleep when Jesus returns aren't there?


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Kinda like Resident evil, but on a bigger scale


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Hello Christian, and others

Where it refers in the Bible that the dead in Christ are asleep that refers to the body. The body is dead. Its motionless so as to speak it is sleeping.
The soul survives death as it is immortal and is either in Heaven with
our Lord Jesus Christ or in the Sheol-Hades...the waiting room for the final Great White Throne Judgement. After Death, is the judgement.
Praise God, Jesus took our judgement on himself if you come to receive him as Lord God and Saviour.
One of these days...only the Father knows....Jesus is going to return and
resurrect the sleeping Christian bodies and those souls who know him will re-enter their glorified,resurrected bodies. Then we who know Jesus and who remain alive will have our un-sleeping bodies transformed into immortal, glorified bodies too.
Ever so come, Lord.