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why iam chaotic??? – no7



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just want to talk, so...

there are 2 things who interest me , ME and THE OTHER,
so i think Jesus is true ,because i m feeling true.
not just because the idea is nice , but because the idea is over me, cant explain
but something feeling is power , and see is power , how can i say , sometime
i m great and good, feel in god . very nice sensation but very hard to live,
in this time my interest is for the OTHER,
but in contradiction sometime i feel bad, i don't have power, don't have trust in me,
i dont mind about the other and i don't listen the little voice (who is great) who tell me
take it easy , take is as it come ,and do your best,
i think in this moment my interest is for ME, so i dont listen , i put my arms down and
i am hungry ,very bad with the other (but i know i love them) .
so , i m chaotic , some time i feel angel , other time (more often ) i feel like deamon,
i don't like to be bad with the other , but i dont think about us , so i like a baby
"very capricieux in french" . i hate to be like that but i am like that.
someone tell that , act for the truth and the truth will come, for me
it s like that: i had the truth but i forgot the act of truth ,sorry to borried you with my
poor english , and with my obscur mind.
i only know one thing (but it s not the least)
love is true , god is true , i am true



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I think what you're saying is that you're human. You're not perfect...none of us is. You'll have moments of great clarity as well as moments of utter confusion. You'll be happy, sad, good, bad, right, wrong, etc.

It's a condition we all live with





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Yes it's true am a humain beeing , but the hard in this story
is after see the light came back in dark, i dont say that i am in the dark
but just tell is impossible to get always the light ,
so hard live with errors when god mean for many people no error
so hard to like himself when hate some part of yourself.
remind me "a poeme" of James Douglas Morrison :

why the desire for death. pourquoi ce desir de la mort
A clean paper or a pure un papier vierge ou la purete
white wall one false d'un mur blanc, une fausse
line,a scratcn,a mistake ligne,une rature une faute obscure ineffacable .si obscure
by adding million other en ajoutant des millions d'autres
tracing,blend it, decalqués,brouille-la,
cover over recouvre-la
but original scratch mais la rature originelle
remains,written in reste, ecrite en
gold blood,shining. sang d'or, brillante.

Desire for a perfect life. Désir d'une vie parfaite.



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From my native Tsalagi:

Nigadv uha asgani ale ulosvgi squalai unelanvhi wagalvladiyv

In English:

All have sinned and fall short of God's Glory



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one thing i think of myself :
i wasted to much time to suffer what i dont like
instead of fight for what i like.
it s hard to change ,but easy to want !

c h i e f y


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I just wish that I could speak French as well as you speak English

as you are so passionate about being chaotic, it's interesting to read but as Krylar and Lost have sought to minimise your chaos, so do I

this reminds me so much of the thread I started on the ten commandments a few months back

very welcome to CCN young lady

how did you come to join up on here anyways ?

from your old mate
c h i e f y
global chiefy to yer old seadog seafarin' mateys

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Je parle francais, un peu. Vous pouvez parles francais si vous voulez, mais, c'est possible j'ai ne comprendu pas.

"If I find myself a desire which no experience in this world can satisfy, the most probable explanation is that I was made for another world!"
-C. S. Lewis



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yeh innit mate, big up all the french massive!!