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Here is a link to a very small MP3 I recorded of a news broadcast about 18 months ago. This is a perfect example of what happens when Christian Fanaticism gets out of control. 535k

I will not respond to any posts because I will not engage in arguments or debates, and prefer not to discuss Christianity. I merely want to share what I feel is an interesting news report.





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Wow, that is amazing. I know you aren't going to respond, but I just had to say, Wow. People will never cease to amaze me (good and bad).

God bless and keep you!



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That's a hilarious story, but it's urban legend. It was reported in a newspaper in Aug 2001, but the reporter didn't check his sources first. Much to his chagrin, he later had to admit he had been had by a false (but funny) internet hoax.

But I can still see it happening.