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just saw star wars - some thoughts (this isn't really directed at anybody, christians or non christians, just thoughts, though at sometimes it seems directed at non christians.. don't take it that way.. its just thoughts, i'm not say "YOU NON CHRISTIAN pagans here, take heed" or anything..


you see two guys, each using the force, using the force to help them in their fight
one side.. the understanding is they are using the force, they are strng in the force
they are using the force under their control, for their purpose whether good side or bad side,
it may seem all alright , but subtly underneath the truth is the opposite.
if you mess with the dark side, you let it have its way. it is the one who controls, you don't control
demonic powers for your end.. they may let you think you are.. but they actually control you..
hold you captive by your sinful nature, your lusts, your desires, your fears.. using you as a pawn
in their game of destruction, devouring you in the process...

also with the real good side, you don't control the holy spirit, He is in you, and He moves through you
however its always in accordane to His will, with us we just have to be , less of us - more of you.. Submit to HIm
but with God , he has the best intentions for us - maybe not the best in our minds, but in his divine understanding,
he knows us best, he skillfully created us, and gave us a destiny.. but we can't use the power of the Holy Spirit
on our own... we just become vessels for Him.. such a privledge, so undeserved and so precious.

the other issue is how the good can turn to bad..

turning to the Dark Side - the "destiny" of anakin the so called virgin-birth messiah prophesied to bring
balance to the force - (more evil to balance good? - very eastern indeed)

anyhow the truth in real life is we have a dark side in each of us... that sinful nature, with its own selfishness/desires
desire to be God ourselves, desires for evil, this sinful nature a slate that can get caught up into the greater
scheme of evil..

But salvation is availible , a way made by Jesus, an oppertunity to turn to the Good side, actually the only really force..
much greater than a force, a force is but an aspect of our physical universe, this is God - the one who created the universe,
many a man has tried so hard to be good - yet somehow the sinful nature, the dark side twists things and enticed them despite their best efforts.. we are doomed with fighting the dark side by our own strength, there has never been a man who
has overcome the dark side..

However we can recieve the Holy Spirit, for Jesus - our savaior has paid the full price of sin for us all, and has over come
the dark side. He has victory and he can give it to us, with Jesus we are more than conquerers..
but our battle with the dark side isn't an outward saber fight with intense music , but an internal battle, a battle in the mind..
we have to let the HOly Spirit in us have the victory He has given us.. we have to take our thoughts captive to Christ
and submit our total being to Christ, for we no longer are oblidged to sin.. though we will battle the dark side, the sinful nature, and we have to submit daily to cross and die to our selfish nature daily, we now have the upper hand in this battle
for we have the Holy Spirit in us, fighting with us and for us.. we just have to follow his lead..

we are all in this fight anyway, is giving into the darkside taking its toll onto you? but you're weary and tired from fighting it
yet no gaining any ground.
Well Let Jesus help you

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I reckon it was a great movie!

And I leave it at that. Too much analyzing ruins it for me.



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hi klumsy

glad the movie made such a strong impression on you

I read what you had to say with interest and the part where you explain that each of us have a "dark side"

of course this is true
but you go on to include that we desire to be God ourselves

is this evidenced in the film then?

in all that you explain, this part I just can't swallow, I don't know about others

well regarding the film attack of the clones you may be interested in 3dcafe's thread

they're pretty impressed too (they're not actually a bad bunch overall)

from your old mate
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i was just using starwars as a platform for some thinking
with some comparing..

starwars was where i started, man wanting Godhood was just a thought
its not neccesarily in the movie..
but then again.. when i say that man wants to be God i don't neccesarily mean that he wants to be acknoledged as teh creator and worshiped by all... what i mean is he want's God's place..

you have a throne in your heart, we (our selfish us) like sitting on it and making decisons for ourselves, sometimes we like having God in the throne room with us, but not on the throne, we want him there to help us, and give us this and that, and maybe for some advice - but we retain the right to choose whether we'll do it His way or our way..
but as a christian we make him Lord over our life, and its not our will, but His to be done.. we have to get off the throne of our lives and let him life there..

so some examples from the movie of people wanting to be God..
well the control ambitions of the soon to be emperor would be the external aspect of that... he wants the authority of God, he wants total control..

but the internal would be the rebelliousness of anakin, he thinks he is better than his master jedi, and resents having to take his place and wants to do things his our way..

God Bless


Husband of my amazing wife Aleshia

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you've got a definite flair for "interesting writing"

you are obviously a highly committed christian

this is further evidenced in your "values and vision" draft

your new version is cabletv compatible, as you predicted

amazing piece of work alright, you obviously put a lot of time into this, nice one

my favourite part of all, is where you suggest the screensavers
this sounds like such a good idea and it could work, I follow your thinking

the 3 basic proposals that you list could be transposed to any other "organisation" that you felt passionately about

and you obviously do feel passionate about the Lord

interested in even MORE detail on cabletv ?

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