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Satan "banned" in Florida town – Johnny


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Don't get me wrong, I am a devoted Christian and give my heart and soul to Jesus Christ, but at the same time, I think this infringement on the rights of those practicing other faiths could put the right to practice OUR faith at risk someday. This proclamation forces Christian beliefs on the residents of that town. I think this is a bad thing, because Christ shouldn't be forced on others through government, but should be evangelized in a way to bring people to the faith, rather than throw it at them and drive them further away. I mean, how would you feel if you lives in a mostly Muslim town and they made a proclamation saying, "Allah is the greatest." Sure, it would be accepted by most of the town, but THEN Christians in that town would argue in support of seperation of church and state. What are your opinions?



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Well I am partul... hear me out thow. I dont support putting this act into order no do I bilive we should force religen onto people but... I do support the end of the world Deppends on my mood sometimes the sooner the better I say. Blow it all up but well there are souls to be saved and this is not the way to go about it. Anyways I have to show my dad this he is going to "piss an ant" as we would say down here.

You peeps watch out people like that are going to bring the end of the world. Its probably going to be the church that makes it happen. I would go into more detail but I gatta git.

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jonny, i agree with you..
however i believe there is a balance, God had placed government over us, for the purpose of justice and order (even if both are lacking, he said this of the pagan roman government, and probably means it of the american one too ... there is balance... you could say seperation of church and state, but many of our laws which are good, like not to murder or steal and based on the christian belief system... to fully seperate church and state would require to get rid of such laws

I think the idea of seperating church and state can go to the extreme of it being an idol, and also be an excuse to stiffle the working of God..
The idea of seperation of church and state isn't biblical , its an american ideal.

However on the other hand, it is wisedom, because man often takes the things of God, when he has power, ignores God and uses that power.. many christian churches, organisations, countries in the past have abused many peoples in the name of God.. done hideous crimes in the name of God...
so yes things like this case may make the way that will in the end hurt christianity..
For christians stand up for what they believe, are even willing to die for it, do not worry about being ridiculed for the cause of christ.. However they do not force anybody to believe the way they do, for God gave man the right to make choices , and we cannot take back that right, and judgement and vengence are the Lords , not ours..

I don't want to get into politics, i am neither a democrat or a republican. but a bible believing christian who knows that that hearts of man are flawed and lives that are lived in submission to Christ and God's will do wreck havoc on society..
but take George bush, many christians are blinded because of his christian proclaimations.. but the evil that has happened in america and caused by america since he has come into power (the war of terrorism, the legal changes) are dramatic and very scary. I'm not saying he is the antichrist or anything like that... But he is playing with fire, and power that is bigger than him... and to be the leader of the most powerful nation in the world , is something that requires humility, because your decisions affect the lives of possibly billions of people.. that requires somebody to be humble upon their knees seeking wisedom and guidance from God, however pride has been the result of 911 for him and america alike, and pride goes before a fall..


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Angel-- What an interesting thing to say:

I do support the end of the world Deppends on my mood sometimes the sooner the better I say. Blow it all up but well there are souls to be saved and this is not the way to go about it.

If that happens, how will the scripture at Psalms 37:11 be fulfilled?