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A bit of poetry – tothecorinthians

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I thought I would share with you all a poem that I wrote on September 11th, 2001.
Something else I wrote on that day is the following.

"For the evil of mans destruction is nothing in comparison to the glory of Gods restoration"
I think we are seeing that with the way God has started healing America after the tragedy.

Heres the poem. I hope you enjoy it.

Oh the wonders of your mighty hand, O Lord
I shall sing of your glories and praise your awesome name.
The mountains shall bow and the wind shall rush
The trees shall dance with the joy of your salvation
All creation whispers of your saving grace.
Oh my rock and my salvation
Truly you are God
Truly you are God
You raise up the small and make rich the poor.
Give strength to the weak and set ablaze the hearts of your children.
Do not forsake us Lord, nor forget us in our time of troubles.
For we understand the sufferings of your Son and willingly partake in them.
For our sakes he climbed upon the tree, died to set free, the lost ones of the earth.
Gather us together with your strong but gentle arm
And be our heavenly father.
So we can cry out, Abba, Father
Daddy we love you




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I like it.

You really have some skill there. Do you do a lot of poetry and/or writing?

"Abba, Father, Daddy we love you." I love that part. You have a great heart. Your little church group must be wonderful. Are you guys pretty close?

May the Lord bless you, because you're already blessing us!


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Why thank you for the kind compliments.
I couldn't find a smily face that was blushing so I chose a goofy one message icon.
Well yes I do come up with songs and poetry and other creative things quite often. It is a wonderful gift that the Lord has bestowed upon me, and I hope to share more in the days to come.
I must be going now though, my church is doing our Christmas Contata tonight and we are praying for God to use it to reach lost souls.

May the gracious Lord bless all those involved in this ministry and instill in them the direction they need to make greater, the kingdom of heaven.