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Did anybody read this? – briandra2


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Anybody read the book "The kingdom of Self"? I found a complete copy of it on

I tell you, this book has literally changed my life! I thank God for allowing me to find it and the author of it for being so blunt! This book has to do with the idea that from the time we're born we rule over ourselves, otherwise known as our ego. Everything we do in life is done to feed our ego. Even praying, if you think about it, is to help us - "Lord help me with..." It's not asking God to do something, but it's asking God to help us. US! This egoism grows and grows as we age, and soon we get to the point where we act just like God - we judge people, we condemn people, we help people just to glorify ourself, we go to church just to glorify ourself, etc.

The author then talks about giving our life up to God/Jesus. We should give up complete control of our lives and give that control to God. "Lord, take over me! I can't solve these problems on my own, but I know you can! I'll follow you out of this problem!" We also can give up all our sins to God. We don't just ask God for help to 'stop sinning' but we ask God to take the sins away from us completely!

I don't know about you guys, but this is a completely new way of looking at God for me! I've heard of the idea of giving up your problems to God, but I always thought it was just a nice saying - I never took it literally! I can testify that my heart is now at peace after giving my life to God - a peace I've never felt before. It really makes me just want to say, "Hallelujah" (sp?)