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Hey all!

I'm starting threads to give feedback to all of the entrants to this year's CCN Speedgame contest. Everyone did some good things this year, and I wanted to make some threads to give encouraging comments and constructive criticism. This week, I'll be making threads for 3 games each day, so as to hopefully not bump all of the other discussions off of the main page, and give everyone some daily-focused-feedback on their games. Feedback is an important part of the CCN contest, and I hope that we can give a big "thanks!" to our entrants by letting them know how they did! I don't think everyone should necessarily give numbered ratings like I did -- just some words of feedback and encouragement would be fantastic.

Para-bells (by Mene-Mene + Lava):

Xian: 5 (Not very much here yet, but it has good potential, and looks like the start of a good visual application of the parable)
Fun: 4 (Sadly, there wasn't yet much to do in the game -- I tried clicking on the "stay" button at the road a few hundred times to see if the master would return, but I didn't see any indication that he was coming, nor did I see any indication that my clicks were actually doing anything)
Orig: 6 (Mixing a management game with an exploration movement style was quite creative, and I would have liked to see more of this)
Gfx: 6 (Some of the patterns were pretty, and I particularly liked the look of the character as well as the look of the map)
Stab: 5 (No crash bugs, but if I went to the fields I was unable to find a way to quit the game without alt-tabbing and end-tasking the program -- I don't think the "move" button on the fields was linked to anything)

Manage the estate of the master while he is gone in this exploration/management game. Be vigilant, as you don't know when he will return!

Hey M^2! Great job on entering a game for the contest! I hadn't yet seen a game that you had worked on, and it was great to see a taste of your work! I think you're further along than I was when I was your age -- I was still mainly doing text games and only very simple graphics applications (such as screen saver type things). So in that regard, good job!
I liked the creativity of the idea of project, and it sounded like it could be a neat experimental game in estate management. I thought that using a graphic as the readme was also creative and nicely used. Good thinking!
I'm really glad to see that you entered the project, even in its partial state. It's so encouraging to see people as they use these contests to learn and grow in their skills -- I think that they're fantastically educational experiences, and I really look forward to seeing where you go from here. Well done!



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Thanks for your kind words, its more than I think I deserve.


I thought that using a graphic as the readme was also creative and nicely used. Good thinking!

That was last minute, the REAL help was actually in the game itself, but BM is now malfunctioning on me, and wouldn't accept any new images. Maybe once that's finished I can show you what was worked on.

As for why the fields were buggy. I didn't know that they triggered anything. They weren't tested at all, and thus, shouldn't have actually triggered anything, thanks for catching that.

The stay button was supposed to do something, but sadly, right now only moving in does it. The code's actually in there, just not working. Again, for Some reason at the end of the contest BM malfunctioned. Not my best work, but certainly my best work graphically. I made the vines, actually, I think Lava had something there, but unfortunetly graphics had an error.

This is a rather complainy post, but I'm not too happy with my lack of dedication, even though i was working with football and school.

MM out-
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Do you have any screens of your game?


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