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Hey all!

I'm starting threads to give feedback to all of the entrants to this year's CCN Speedgame contest. Everyone did some good things this year, and I wanted to make some threads to give encouraging comments and constructive criticism. This week, I'll be making threads for 3 games each day, so as to hopefully not bump all of the other discussions off of the main page, and give everyone some daily-focused-feedback on their games. Feedback is an important part of the CCN contest, and I hope that we can give a big "thanks!" to our entrants by letting them know how they did! I don't think everyone should necessarily give numbered ratings like I did -- just some words of feedback and encouragement would be fantastic.

Mustard Seed (by Evdude):

Clint's Ratings:
4 (Not much here, but I think that's okay)
Fun: 7 (Haha! As silly and simple as this game is, it has a good amount of polish and is actually quite a bit of fun to play. I think my best time is in the 900's, without using the middle-button trick)
Orig: 8 (I appreciated how you were unabashed with your originality and simplicity)
Gfx: 6 (While simple, the graphics were very visually consistent, appealing, and stylistically charming in their own way. I loved the use of the clouds giving the impression of height)
Stab: 7 (No significant issues with the Python project, only subtracting a very small bit for basing on CPU speed rather than on real time)

A widget-sized simple-yet-fun tree-growing clickfest race-against-the-clock! Just the thing for a 30 second break to add a smile to your day.

Hey EVDude -- great job on your game! I must admit that the simplicity of it surprised me at first, but after playing it a few times I really started to enjoy it. I love how it doesn't try to be more than it is -- you picked a small scope for your project, stuck with it, and delivered with flair. There is a good amount of polish on the game, all of which really helps me enjoy it more. I really like the frantic-ness of it and the blinking text at the top, combined with the ridiculous (in a good way) red "Grow" button was just hilarious. The ground at the beginning, combined with the receeding clouds just adds to absurdity of it all, and it just comes across as fantastic and silly. Everything about the game contributes to that -- well done! I can't tell you how pleased I am that you chose a small scope for your project and followed it through to completion -- keeping your scope small and manageable is so important to successful game development, and I really am impressed to seeing you do this well. Great job, and thanks for entering!
<after playing the game a while later> w00t! I beat my high score and got 1121! *goes off to soak wrist in ice*

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