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Offensive Movies ??? – Randall


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I recently uploaded to google and youtube some videos that are mean't to promote the recent game release.
Do you find these movies below offensive? Iam curious.
These movies are "streaming", so they should work okay.

I only ask, because it's not everyday that you see people turning into animals in a christian video game. Right?
The movies are intended to "showcase" the product on a worldwide basis.

Whatcha think? Are you mad or okay with it?

Short 90 second intro movie
Hannah the librarian describes her recent dream of becoming a racehorse and then the un-thinkable happens...

Short action only with Cain
Short movie version below: 3 mins

Short action only with Hannah
- <actually taken from main story> - 3 minutes

After making fun of Rueben for believing in the biblical Noah’s Ark story, then Hannah the librarian has a dream about it.
In her dream, her friends turn into animals and she herself changes into a racehorse and then they have the funniest and most thrilling times of their lives.

Full movie version below: 8 mins

Okay bye.



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I watched the first video and a race video--not bad man---here is my honest thoughts:

A) The script seems a little forced, if it isn't too late try to make it more free flowing.

B) No, it is not offensive---that is part of a fantasy---is comparing Aslan (a lion) to Jesus offensive? Nope because that is a fantasy too---so your in the clear man!

C) Nice disco!

To be honest, I didn't pay much attention to this game earlier because I initially misjudged it--I thought it would be overtly forced much like most Christian titles and not have any originality---from the race video I watched it looks like I was WAY wrong--you made that race track with the idea in your head of, "What makes a good race game" and actually got me enticed---so you won over someone who wasn't originally into it hehe! I say that because, if you could win someone like me over, then you will probably do really well with it--keep refining the game, that few seconds of track I saw really looked original and made me want to play!




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Well, I'm still on dial-up, so I won't be watching any of those entries. ;-)

I did, however, have a somewhat surprising experience tonight. Something moved me to buy a DVD of the 1953 version of The War of the Worlds. I am surprised at myself that I failed to remember how clearly this concept was presented in that movie: When all of man’s devices failed, the hand of God saved us from utter destruction.

I guess I shouldn’t be so surprised at the showing of this concept in that movie, though, now that I know that the rights to the book had been bought by none other than Cecil B. DeMille, who then gave the project over to George Pal to produce.

The concept is presented so unswervingly clearly, too: Almost the very moment that the Martians attacked a Christian church—with congregation inside and praying and praising in the midst of destruction—the Martians died. Point made? One would think so, wouldn’t one?

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Randall, I watched the first video and it was not offensive... just quite surprising, that she turned into a horse and went to disco.
It's not odd that she turns into a horse, but that she goes to a disco after that (would make sense if she'd go to stables)


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i think its actually pretty funny! i laughed when she started dancing at the disco!
on a side note, the animation is kinda stiff and the voice acting could use some work. but i realize you're working and making the best of what you have. Keep up the great work!

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