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I did some googling last night for a lighting tutorial. This is the best one I found, imho.

Light Tutorial

I think that bringing good lighting aesthetics like these to a game is a good way to enhance the quality without needing high technology?

What do you think?

God Bless!

Sam Washburn



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That was extremely cool.

I really liked how he showed the coloring of the lighting that we don't even realize -- I hadn't quite realized how green fluorescent lighting is -- looking at those pictures made me realize some of how they filmed the office scenes in Matrix and Fight Club -- they probably used a daytime white balance filter to accentuate the green-ness of the fluorescent office lights, and convey a sense of the unnaturalness of it all.

I also really liked the first page, where he explained where the darkest part on a shaded sphere is -- I had always assumed it would be on the face furthest from the light, but I hadn't ever taken reflected light into account.

Very enlightening article! Thanks for the link!




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Great! I can't wait to read the article. As a photographer, I have done quite a bit of reading on light and differences in how a camera 'sees' light vs. a human eye.

Thanks for the link! I really look forward to reading it. I'm getting ready for work and don't have time to read the article at the moment.

Han, the process in movies you are mentioning is called Bleach Bypass. Unfortunately, the wiki article doesn't really have much of a description and doesn't even touch on getting the green effect. Just sort of explains the original process. But given the name, you should be able to find other articles describing the technique. Kinda funny. I just read about this process in May's "Popular Photography & Imaging" magazine. And you are right, one way of doing it is through white balance techniques.