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Hey! I entered a game design contest last week or around then and i just heard back from it: i'm a semi-finalist and i'm to present my concept next wednesday!! I was all expecting rejection because i'm up against actual game production students.
Please pray for me! mostly that i'll do ok in God's and my eyes. I don't really care how i do in the contest, its more about networking for me anyways but i don't want to go home kicking myself because i didn't relay the idea properly or something

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will do. good luck!

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That's fantastic! Have fun! Be passionate about your idea!


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Congrats. Prayin' for you, Jez.

And if necessary I'll come down there and threaten the judges. (j/k)



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WAY TO GO DUDE! Remember, there is no 'if' with Jesus---now go in kick @$$ and take names---literally on the taking names part (networking joke HAHA!)---congrats bro rock it!