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Hello mates,
I was thinking about gaming again and I just wanted share my feelings on the subject: I love gaming, game development, game designing, and anything related.
Yeah, I know I don't do it for a living and possibly I will; which is fine as long as I can still do it in my own time.
Anyways, getting on with my sudden burst of energy; I love gaming. I literally design and play games in my sleep: I'll wake up in the morning and the first thing I reach for is a pen and my notebook. The real reason I got into programming in the first place was so that I could make the games that I had been creating for so long.
Then, when I discovered CCN it was like finding out about sliced bread for the first time; I could join my love for Christ with my love for gaming! Ah, I'm out of words to describe this and I fear I've done a VERY poor job of it, but I wanted to write something down anyway.
Does anyone else feel the same way about gaming?
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I used to play games... all the time. Nowadays my parents sorta discourage that.. Yeah, designing games is fun.



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I posted this elsewhere, but I think it fitting here.

I started to wonder how it is I view my relationship to gaming. At first, it would seem that gamers can be broken into two main groups: hobbyists and addicts. However, I didn't find that I fit in either category. I can live without games (without withdrawls), but games are much more to me than what most would consider hobby level. To me, gaming is a major source of personal insight. To me, gaming is a valid and viable industry for me to get into (it's been a slow transition so far). To me, gaming is an exciting way to make disciples (both in regards to arousing interest in Christ from the mainstream and pushing Christians closer to Christ).

To me, gaming goes beyond (is more significant than) a simple hobby. So, I don't fit in either of those two major groups. However, I've never been a fan of such grouping systems anyway.

So, what then is the significance of understanding this? Well, for me, it means that, as a gamer, I examine games beyond their face values to find underlying ideas and implications of the game's story and structure. It means that I always look for something new, but never forsake what has been established. It means that I really understand the implications of that. It means that I look for good in games that are oft-considered bad, and it means I look for flaws in games that are oft-considered great.

It means that I work to ensure that any claims regarding games that I make can be backed by first hand experience so that I'm not simply turning assumptions into claims that will affect the views of others that will in turn do likewise.

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Jestermax, love the enthusiasm and excitement. Often times I just want to shout out too.

I used to be an avid gamer (I no longer play games), but I never had the interest in developing them. I enjoy developing applications. I have loads of excitement for what I do, too.

Keep up the passion.