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Hey all,

Sorry I keep posting these surveys. If you can bear with me, they really to have a purpose. And I really appreciate all your comments!

So, this time... The Game Project Graveyard

I know this is a tough one.. but.. here goes..

1. Describe a project that you were really excited about and started and it failed for some reason.

and more importantly,

2. What was the stumbling block that caused the failure?

P.S. I will be using your answers to shape this game development milestones document I am working on in this thread.

Thanks in advance!

Sam Washburn



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lol pretty much all of my projects...
they either failed because i lost motivation or they got deleted because i forgot to back them up before i cleaned up my hard drive.

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Soul Catchers was a project I was really excited about at one time. Unfortunately it was based off of another guy's story, and we were supposed to be working on it together. However, what ended up happening was he didn't do his share (storyline and concept) and since it wasn't my idea, I didn't want to compromise myself by doing all the work and possibly having to share a potentially large amount of profit with a person who had done comparatively little. So, the whole thing broke down. I thing the engine though, or as far as it got at least, is still lying in the downloads section on the front page if you want to look at it. Not sure about that though.


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Viet Cong, a top down vietnam war shooter, is in development hell, and Malak, a side scrolling action game for hte CCN competition is in development purgatory, or whatever you call it.

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Well Joe 3D and Guardian is in development hell. Sword of the King is dead for now, same with Joe 2D, and a first person adventure game idea.

The problem with me is that I never know what is offically dead because as I learn more and more about how to make games I start to think "hey maybe I can make that game now that I gave up on for this and that reason.". Who knows, maybe I'll want to go back to Joe 2D and finish it? I never know about this stuff lol.

So that's why, unless I made enough quality stuff for release, I keep my ideas secret in case I ever start it up again or just release any finished work. I never give up my stuff


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My beloved brainchild, an idea I have never seen before (and I've seen alot). I went into the superficial details somewhere else, but never named it. Anyway, the idea received all good feedback from professionals as well as independent developers. The fact that I never worked on it is, to say the least, disheartening.

Then again, I havn't given up on it. I technically never got a full start.


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hey maybe I can make that game now that I gave up on for this and that reason.".

I'm actually doing that now. I had this one idea for a game, but never went through with it and just pushed it away, but now I pulled it up, messed around, and trying to repackage it.

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It'll never get very far I'm afraid, Arch. Best to just give up now.


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I've actually pulled a stinking project out of the dumps, redid it, and came out with something cooler than imagined.

Lightsabers, you anticipate where the computer's going to strike next. Unfortunetly, my stuff didn't work the way I wanted it to, and it wasn't that great.

LOTR RTS, might pull this one up. Stopped because my Men weren't moving seprately, and adding a new one would reset their X. If anyone wants it I'll send it, or post it here. Just code, in BB.

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The project involved me as the lead and several other volunteer individuals.

The project failed for a number of reasons:
-Lack of experience on by behalf
-Lack of time of the involved team members
-Lack of certain foundational expertise in the team
-High ambitions with low experience and time.

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I started on a text adventure once, and dropped it fairly soon after.

Reasons: high ambitions and low experience. I should have started with a very small exercise to learn the text engine, and expanded on that. I was way too impatient to do what I should have done - just playing with a few rooms and objects, and exploring & getting comfortable with the possibilities of the engine.

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