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Hey all, I'm pretty sure this has been discussed on here. But I'm gonna go ahead and restart it up again.

I was just curious on where you, as a Christian, draw the lines.
For instance, violence is a very popular and common thing found in video games. But when developing games how do you decide when too much is just too much? What about the added effects of blood/gore?

Personally, I'm ok with violence in games to some extent. All games more or less have some sort of violence, either by jumping on the enemies heads (Mario for example) or a lion eating a person (Zoo Tycoon) or blowing the enemies head clean off . Basically as long as it isn't aimless killing, all done just for the sake of killing. Also, I think I tend to not really call it violence if it's not being taken out on people even though I do know that it is still violence. I don't mind blood as long as it isnt just to make the game "pretty". if there is just a small puff of red to show that you hit the enemy, i'm cool with that. But if you hit the enemy and all of the sudden an unrealistic amount of blood starts spraying all over your screen... that's just gross and not necessary.

Anyways, what's your opinions on the subject.

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Personally, if its M, forget it. Excessive detailed blood, forget it. I prefer to stay away from games you see the person your killing. (SW: Rouge Squadron, RPGs don't let you see who you're killing) If its demonic, forget it. I will allow a few games which have a good storyline, and objective other than killing. #1 rule. If its killing, don't think all day about it like Grisler.

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games have a way of corrupting you if you don't watch out,when you play a violent game regardless of the level of violence then satan is trying to tempt you,if you change your values to accept certain level of violence then the next thing you know you are playing gta,and you would be thinking stealing ,killing ,drugs,sex are all ok. you can draw the line at the objective of the game,what is the game about? if it's pure rage stealing ,pride,etc.... then it's bad that's pure temptation. if the objective is something like adventure,accomplishment,sports or something on that line then it's not so bad you are just entertaining yourself without losing your Christian values.

if it invlolves killing then it's usuallu bad. i know that killing is justified under certain circumstances but practicing killing as a game and having fun doing it is real bad.

you should stay away with games that follow all the modern pop culture like the gta series or hitman or any game where you steal ,cheat,kill,take drugs,perform adultery,etc....

personally i like games that have something to do with bike racing (sometimes car), and games like the classic mario,or fifa 2006,etc...

games are generaly fun but what about the game are you enjoying? winning,or accomplishment,or something else. or is the killing part that satisfies you? even if you kill a worhtless animal/bad guy you shouldn't have fun doing it.

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