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christian games = clones of good games? – jestermax



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some people argue that christian games, music, etc is just clones of existing products. i don't remember where exactly this was on CCN but i remember seeing it in a couple places. Anyways, i was thinking about it and why shouldn't some christian products mimic secular ones? (not saying that thats ALL we should strive for or anything)

The way i see it, we get attached to mainstream things in this world (for example: movies, games, music, etc). It greatly impacts us regardless of if you think it does it not; if it didn't impact you then why would you waste your time on it. My point is, whats wrong with a christian clone of a secular game?
I listen to christian bands who's styles are similar to secular ones. The difference is i don't have to put up with swearing or any of the other junk that people put into songs. (not saying that all songs are junk:P)
Anyways, i'm at work so i haven't FULLY thought out this posting but i think the basic idea is probably there. what do you think?