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Looking for critique, suggestions, even if it's "nah probably should go back to drawing board"
World name = Serus

Delith Islands - Archipeligo stretching north and south in the western sea. Northern end is glacial, southern end is tropical. All, or nearly all, are actively volcanic = at least smoking w/ a liquid calderon (right term?)

Cormil - western coastal town. Main trade city. Sits on river entrance - think New York or similar port cities.

Shal - town sitting on eastern side of (as yet) unnamed swamp. Swamp sits more or less between Shal and Cormil, and is fed by very large river. Right now swamp doesn't extend to Cormil. Why I don't know yet

Meeting - trade town where three rivers intersect creating one large river (heading toward Shal/Cormil) Also the edges of moors and two mountain ranges flatten not far from the river joins.

Thorn Briar - somewhat narrow forested land between the two mountain ranges. The Itur Mountains lay to the north. Threnish Mountains lay to the south.

Doridurden - underground town inside Threnish Mountains.

Roin - desert/wastes to south and west of Threnish Mountains. Also fades into grasslands near Meeting.

Mesta or Merta - sizeable lake / spring / oasis to the south-western center of Roin. One of the three rivers at Meeting flows from the lake through Roin (think Nile)

Curthez Passage - an underground series of tunnels connecting the moors north of Meeting to a high steppe.

Gwyenaron - very high steppe, heavily forested, cooler, think tall Redwoods and the like. There are moors leading from the swamp/marsh near Shal north towards the steppes.

A map will end up being forth coming at some point, right now it's rough circles and boxes in open office draw.

The game setting is a fantasy right now (elf, dwarf, etc). I'm trying to reach a "science-y" reason for "magic" and the different races. John Ringo's Council Wars and Babylon 5's Crusade sort of the inspiration.

Starting out as a text based "rpg". Have no idea if will release it. Some of the ideas would be better in 3d rather than text.

Though as I think about it here at 630am after being up all night....a sci-fi might be better, especially if go 3d. Unless ya'll think a text-based rpg in a sci-fi w/ fantasy overtoned setting would work?