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Alright, I need some help on what to do about a situation with a fellow man. Me and him are good friends, and I introduced him to game programming. He is 10, but not extrememly mature. My problem is we are making a game that is to be of high quality, and he expects some return.

I have always done most of the coding, and work, while he's always done a few jobs that I don't want to do, or have the current capability. I am FAR more expirenced in programming, even though I'm not to far ahead in knowledge.

My problem with his wanting of return is, I will give him jobs to do, and he won't get them done in good time. I asked for a concept game, and gave him 1 or 2 weeks to finish it (mine took me 2 days), and he still hasn't finished it, and its more than 4 weeks after the deadline.

I will ask for a image for the background of my game, some one else is also working on it seprately. 6 or 7 days after the second person responds with she might have something, while 2 days after the response, I ask for status, and he says its going "Very slow." And then starts to tell me about his Lvl 20 Toa.

I just don't know what to do because it seems he has no sense of priority, and because of our friendship, deadlines mean nothing.

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I had a very, very similar experience with a friend about a year or so back. The solution, in my case at least, was to draw a clean, hard line, and enforce it. Set your boundaries and let your friend know that "I'm willing to do this, but if you aren't going to fulfill this certain obligation, and aren't willing to do what you said you would in a timely manner, then I cannot and will not fulfill my portion of the obligation towards you." Harsh? A little, but a strong, firm line has to be drawn at some point or it just gets worse. My advice is to put the ball in your partners court, give them the opportunity to succeed if that want to, and give them the responsibility to make the decision with their actions and hold them to that decision. If they aren't will to make the commitment with their actions and not just their words them move on. Also, you might want to pray about the situation as well, double check my advice with the Ultimate Mediator before you apply my advice in your situation.


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