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Hey i thought i would keep you posted on whats going in my life and why I haven't been on much.

I finally moved to the beautiful country of Wales, to start my Game Dev Degree at the University of Glamorgan which is going great. Just had a 3 hour lecture and practical on C++ which was great. We do 3d modelling and rendering in 3ds Max which is suprisingly cool (I have the artistic skills of a 3 year old). Professioanl Game Development lecture this afternoon which is cool.

We are also modding BF1942, we get to play it loads so LAN games thursdays at the moment

The only hard module is Maths and Stats for Games. I was half expecting it to be challenging, anybody who says you need hardly any maths knowledge for games dev pm me and let me know your secrets

The only downside is i have to use Windows which is ok for game dev (got a free copy of Win XP Pro and Windows Visual Studio .NET for free which is a bonus).

Internet should be up and running this week so should be back here soon...


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Congratulations, D! So very glad to hear it!

Please, keep us posted with what you're learning there and cool going-ons!





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cool man, looking forward for an update.. (and your first game completed sometime next week? )

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