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Can the most EVIL game help people do what is right? – warsong

If you make a game so vile that it shakes up the industry and does something about all these pointless games that would help. But if you do cant you get in trouble? Rockstar does not get in trouble and it seems the more violent the game is the more it makes.

To make it so that people hit rock bottom to go back up. If people play games that gradually get violent over time then they will not notice the violence they are being subjected to and become desensitized. If they play a violent game to the point of a making smoke 10 packs in a day to make them sick of it would it help some? And if the game pain and anguish and the aftermath and horror of evil consequences would the person feel guilty about a made up character they play? Movie get a reaction form people like the movie the passion of the Christ how people were shown graphic images to snap some sense into some. When I mean violent I mean hard core evil that even a cold killer would feel sick of playing and feel guilt.

I know 2 wrongs donít make a right but it would be like one step back and 2 steps forward. If you touch the person from the inside they can change and anything else would be temporary since it did not penetrate to their soul. If games persist to gradually grow violent we will eventually get an evil game and people will be ok with it since they gradually grew up with it.

Explaining and pleasing to lost people does not seem to work as effective enough to penetrate their cold hard shell,and something sharp is needed to penetrate to make them understand and the way to do that is to go extreme for them to see it clearly. Sometimes some people have to know what is very bad to appreciate and understand what is very good. Maybe we have to make people be realists just like how the other post stated in how Christ is a realist.



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I think that this could very well be something that happens, but I'm not sure how much we need to try to make such things happen. I think God will take care of it -- I don't think we necessarily need to create this shock value for shock-value's sake.

All things work together for the good of those that love Him. In this way, even bad things work for good, and work for God's purposes (even if we might not understand it right now).





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Basically we've hit the limit of WHAT you can do in a game that brings outrage to the public. Mostly I see the only increase being how much of it is involved. GTA is about running around popping random people for no reason. I don't believe there is a much worse thing out there unless it gets into great detail, or hits people where it really hurts them such as spiritual beliefs.

Hahaha I got my own forums, nuts to this place. (Although I will stop by)



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GTA may have a lot of violence but it's mostly pretty fake looking with simple blood splashes via particle effects and decals on walls. In a few years you could have a game where the physics engine will dynamically model the damage to the body and dislocate limbs and head, shred skin off, leave internal organs hanging out, and generally make a mess. The old Soldier of Fortune games did that to a limited degree but it was still fairly fake looking.

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Just play Rise of the Triad, talk about disgusting.




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Something like you're suggesting can be dangerous. You might accomplish the opposite of your intent, and end up desensitizing people even more.