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I've been developing games for about 14 years now and thought I would
post here some engines that I have worked with. They are for the hard-core
game developer. If you want to get your hands truly dirty and get into
core game development, I suggest looking into these engines.

Engines: (Physics, Collision Detection)
Havok (
Novoded (
Renderware (

Of course when I say "hard-core" or "core game development", I am
suggesting that the developer knows software development concepts and has
understanding of the mathematics which lay behind graphics development,
i.e. Vectors, Matrices etc which are Linear Algebra concepts.

These engines don't have scripts that you can just plug-in and have the
"magic happen" like you do with Blitz or Torque, so you will have to
consider making your own. YACC (Yet Another Compiler Compiler) is
something that you might what to consider when rolling out your own

Again, these libraries are for the individual that want to get their hands
and feet wet. If you looking to dive deeper into game development, I
would suggest looking into some of these engines and script development