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Hello all...
I need to do some research on a BSP editor for level design. It is for a project in development, and the need is to find a simple editor that is readily available for use. I prefer it to be free or have a license option for distribution.
I'm familiar with some BSP editors that have been around for a while, though it has been a few years since I've used them. I have used Quake Army Knife, Worldcraft, and most recently Valve's Hammer Editor, to name a few. I like them all, but they are a bit complex (which is to be expected for FPS level design).
If anyone has some recommendations and links to something simple, user friendly and flexible please let me know.

Thanks in advance!

God bless,



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The ones you mentioned are of the few widely used ones, here are some other widely used ones as well;




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I really enjoyed using GTKRadiant and Hammer. Unfortunately I couldn't get used to Quark.
I am sure you have to have a license for GTKRadient and most likely for Hammer.

My preference would be Valve's Hammer editor. The interface seems to speed up the process of making maps. It does have its drawbacks because GTKRadient supports things like Bezier Curves and a few other things that Hammer doesn't have supported.

Good luck to you in your search. I would be interested to hear what your results are when you complete your research.