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Some of you may know that I've been working on a game for the competion over at and I've got the demo to a beta stage now and I think I've gotten rid of 99% of the bugs, I'd like to get a few people to have a go at it, and see if I've squashed all the bugs. It's basically a remake of the old arcade game 'Elevator Action'. A brief synopsis: You are a spy,infiltrating enemy buildings. Make your way down the floors of the building using elevators, escalators, or maybe even falling. Make sure you search each room behind red doors in the building to gather important intelligence. When you have searched every room behind the red doors, continue to the basement where your spymobile awaits. Oh and watch out for the zillions of enemy spies who come out of the blue doors, they are armed...

Controls are in the simple, yet ugly title page, but to summarise, cursor keys move, Left CTRL to shoot, Space to jump, cursor down to duck, cursor keys control elevators and escalators, and search doors by standing in front of them and pressing the Cursor Up key.

Ok, the file (600KB) can be downloaded here:

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Cool stuff! You gotta try and get the cool grappling hook start (I'm not sure if it's on the arcade version but it is in the NES version)! I checked up on the net, looked at some manuals of the arcade version of the game and found some cool pictures and art which I resized to your game window size.

I also did up a sprite version of Agent17 based off of the top artwork done in the manual (don't know if it's any good). There is around 3 different versions of the guy, but the ingame character looks remotely closer to the artwork above. Anyways:

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Hey, that sprite looks good!

Yeah, the gameplay was good. I liked it.
was very fun.

K, I have some comments:
1: probably knock up the graphics up a notch. trust me, it ain't easy... but it's usually worth it. also, like, say, maybe make the walking more into a running. Have him when he shoots to lean back a little bit or something. stuff kinda like that. make it a little more natural
2: this is my personal preference, but making the guy faster would be cool. then again, I always thought faster was better...
3: some "spy" music or something in the background would be good. music can add a whole new depth to the game.

But, besides that. the game was excellent!




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Hey thats a kool game.

Experienced a few problems with collision detection i remember jumping accidentally when a bullet hit me and it went straight through me?

But other then that, and excellent game!


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<Note to Rich - check your Email.>

Okay - here goes AmazingJas:

Title screen:
I wouldn't use "baddies" - you can if you think judges will like it.

Can you use "Elevator Action"? Was it trademarked by Taito?

Your sentence describing the control of elevators got chopped off.

Can't you remap the keys? I have a switch box and pushing control a lot makes it think that I want to switch to the other computer (and I lose keyboard input).

No PAUSE KEY!?!?!?

Other game related:
Please add in the ability to shoot the light and have that knock out the black suit guy (that was always the best in the arcade).

Can't any bullet kill the "baddie" (as you call them)?? Big issue!

Jump only goes straight up! The original had a directional jump. And it killed baddies - the old karate kick. Doesn't look like your game does that.

What is up with the elevator!?! Way too slow.

Also, why won't the baddies ride the elevator/escalators? I'm sure they did in the original.

Whoa Nellie, way too many baddies on the first level! Unless you implement their bullets killing themselves, reduce the quantity of them.

Also, the elevator would squish them (and you) if you happened to be under it.

Double check your keyboard buffer code - I ran into a few issues of "stuck" keys (could be the switchbox I mentioned above).

Your AI on when the baddie fires could be improved (and maybe it is on later levels).

Nice job on an open door blocking a bullet.

Great job on look/feel of original.

Good work so far! Way better than I could ever do (wish I had time to try)!


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Thanks to all. Specifically:

Mack: Thanks, I'll use that title screen! The sprite is great too, but I don't have time to redo all the sprites. As for the grappling hook, that was in the arcade version, I'm just being lazy.. Thanks heaps!

Archangel: I agree regarding the graphics, I'd like to make it look more like EA Returns, but time is the issue, and I've just ripped all the graphics tiles and sprites straight from the original arcade version. Same goes for the animations. I will definitely think about making it faster though..and see if I can find some spy music that doesn't grate too much.

D-SIPL: that's a bug I didn't know about, I'll look into it.

Graceworks: whew! What a list: thanks for the attention to details! As far as trademarking goes, I didn't even consider it as it's not a commercial product, Just to be sure though, Maybe I should rename it something like Elevation Action or something? Pause key is excellent idea, as for general AI, I knew at the start that I wouldn't be able to implement the same AI as in the original in a period of 2 months so I tried to use a simpler approach which I think is 'ok', except for the elevator use, but once again, just not enough time, so I can't do, sorry. As for jumping, I would have liked to implement directional jumping but once again time was the issue. That's the prob with this competition concept, it forces you to make tradeoffs just so you can finish in time.. Thanks heaps again for all the input!

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glad to be of service!