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Hey all,

Anyone know of anywhere with info on writing platform games, ie. how to make the player jump, climb on blocks, stop on impact etc etc. I'm just playing around with techniques at the moment, and would like to write a test program demonstrating the above tasks.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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p.s. I'm using Blitz Basic. I know the C/C++ drill, but for what i'm doing, blitz is easier!


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hey Null, you're using blitz basic, of course you are! don't tell me that people on here code in anything else, you're kidding right?

this is strange...

the top blitz basic site (run by our revered friend Krylar) has a link to ChristianCoders; but - it's not mutual !

check out my BEST thread on blitzcoder :

it's about the TOP 100 of computer games... ALL YEARS....ALL FORMATS....guess what's number 1 ??

from your old mate :
c h i e f y
(global chiefy to yer old seadog seafarin' mateys)



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You may think I am crazy, but I am now using Game Maker to make my games.
It is very easy to use, you can make simple games without coding, and by using scripts in C language, you can make very complicated games.

It is slower than blitz because it is an interpretative type language (the game is not compiled but interpreted), but for platform games, you can make one in an afternoon with this language.

go to

I am making a serious rpg with this language and I can spend most of my time on gameplay, not coding.





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Game Maker is cool for the hobbyist, as with a language called Euphoria, it's an RAD (rapid application development, i think!) tool. So you can write applications and games with one language. Which is like BASIC but 20 times faster. You can also convert the code into C using the Euphoria to C translator.

I started off with languages like that, and it put me in good stead for when i got more serious about programming. Now i use mainly Java, but still have to dabble in C/C++ every now and then.

Windows game programming for dummies is definately worth a look at, but you must have at least a little knowledge of C, otherwise you will get completely lost.




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for Dummies books rock !

Read in the following order:

1. C for Dummies
2. Windows Programming for Dummies
3. Windows Game Programming for Dummies

...and you'll be sorted

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