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Hay everyone!
Ive been gone a long time I think. I've been so busy working. Some of you know that cuz you get Truespace stuff from me all the time. I dont know if I will be posting much still... I seem to not have the time and im devoting alot of my time to friends and famly here of late. What small time I do have is spent working. Some of the post here are just getting to outragus for me. I sit back and laugh non stop when you peeps seem to be trying to be serius. So I figured I should stay out of it. Im to quick to make everything a joke. Not exactly usefull in some Biblicul argument that no one is winning at

Well im off again to work. Oh ya if I offerd to pay any of you people to work on my game would you be willing to work for me and move to an onsite office to work? Just a qustion cuz im looking at maybe doing something like that. No promisses as of yet mind you

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