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Ok I posted a story line wich only a friend of mine replyed to and something dawned on me. I wandered why this place is here? So I looked around the site and found "About Us" and it said...

"The Christian Coders Network is simply a place where people can share information on programming games, the web, business systems, or anything else a coder may be working on. But it is also a medium where folks can get together to discuss Christ and Christianity."

Then I relized I was getting a little frustrated for no reason at all. I posted some work of mine looking for C&C (Comments&Critisisum). Then I saw that this place is for coders and Christians. No were does it mention a hack artist who likes to write Then I looked at the anything else a coder my be working on bit. I was thinking a coder also needed other people and or the skills thows other people might provide to make a great product. Im wandering if im right in looking at it that way? I am not a coder so I want a coders point of view.

Many coders that I have spoken too only want to know what is going to be in the product. IE what they need to program and thats it. They didnt care about the art or story or anything about the product other then what they had to program. Now I can understand wanting to know what you need to work on im all for that. What I dont understand is that not carring about what goes into it. For all they could know the program they worked so hard on could be used for a porn site or whatever. Baaa who cares im to much of an artist and probably trying to look at this to much from an artist prospective. That everything you do has meaning and you want to exspress that meaning clearly.

Every bit of word I put into my stories is a part of me that I put into it. All the art I work on has hints of me in it. People that know me always see what is from me in my work. Dang im just rambuling on here aint I? Well I had alot of thoughts floting threw my head and I wanted to get them out. Figured this might be a nice change from the arguing of the Bible or the norm I want help on a game thing.

While I am here I forgot to tell Mack something I was thinking about and my dad mentioned it as well. If you are going to Christians to get your game fonded, stop. Why? Christians dont want to promot anything that is new. Many want to stick to the same old boring crud. Music is a great example. Ive been to churches that bilive that if it isnt praise and worship then it is from the devil and you are going to hell. So if your going to a big Christian place they have their image to think about and their way of making cash. Also if you want to get promoted as a band you have to be pritty and cute and oooo so perfect! Your game is great looking and the bit of story I did get from it I am interested in. If you go to a place for Christian founding you should work on a pritty little Bible Scatigories game. Then you will get all the founding you want.

Then lets look at it this way. Christians say they want a Christian consert. They also say they will pay for the people to come and will give them food and loging. This is a church im talking about in Tx. I went there with the Christian record co to help out with selling music CDs. Well here is a great idea! Sounds like someone was really minnistering in the Big City right? WHAT EVER! We go there when we were supost to be and were made to wait in the church basment for about 2-3 hours with kids needing food! We were to be met and taken to eat. So you have kids wishing they could eat under the church and minnisters being totaly ignored. Sound like a great minnistry to you?

Well they did finaly come and told us that the person who runs the place and was supost to meet us wasnt comeing. He wanted us to drive across town and come to him? So we nicly said fine no prob. We drove across town and went to his place to eat. That was all fine and nice. There was a boo boo and thats ok we thought. So they gave us a place to stay wich was a hotel and we headed off.

Next day we got all the music going and everything. The person who ran the place said we can go all night if we want and that they had befor. So we were fine with the times for the bands to play. Day went by and then night came. One of the guys running the lights thought it was a great idea to start shining lazer beames into peoples eyes on perpose from the stage. This also included me and I just turned my head and ignored. Thow blinding people isnt so smart is it?

Anyways the guy who runs the place leaves in the middle of it all with a truck load of girls? Yes im not kidding and he was like that all the time. Mind you this is a big church with 2 surveses on sunday morning. Then the guy calls and says we have to cut the show at 12! Ok so he said we could go all night and we have a band comeing in that payed for plain tickets themselfs to get there and do a show for F R E E! Does he care no... does he care about all the other bands? NO! So then we have to pack up and leave with people screaming they want free CDs and Tshirts. (without a singel person buying a singel CD?) so the guy who owns the record co throws out some free Tshirts anyways to the croud.

Now im cutting out alot of iritens and other things. You could say they gave us free hotel rooms atleast they did that. Well I got a clicker for you mate. They get thows rooms for free! Yes free no kidding? Its something ever big hotel does. They have free rooms for people running bizznesses. What bizzness was the church running? I just said what bizzness they are running "CHURCH".

So I have someone recently jump my case that "What does your game have anything to do with Christ?" Well lets think about all that I just mentioned and then lets go get the funding for a Christian RPG! Right? Sure? So I am working on a game with good morales and a story that shows how people can grow. I dont mention God or Jesus or even humans in the story at all and im not going to. I am going to post on the game that Christians made it and maybe a memo but not much more then that probably.

So why do I seem so hacked off? Cuz I am Im hacked that Christians dont suport Christians... insted they tair eachother down. So a house devided aginst itself wont stand? Who cares?

Now im asking yet again can someone please go and give me some C&C for that story I posted? Its not a hard thing to ask. Im not asking you to program the game or give me anything other then a "I hate it" or "Nice" or any comment would be nice. Maybe some critisisum about the story structure being poor? I dont care go in there and cuss me out for how bad I am at writing. I just want some openions from people that say they work on games. Even if you dont work on games give an openion. Im asking for some Christians to support this Christan by giveing him some C&C on his little story. Im not asking for cash or nothing more then about 10 minnits out of your very bizzy day to read and say, "Your story sucks!".

Yes this is a long complaint I know but I really want some C&C! I just gave why its so inportant to me as well. I even gave a story too that was shoty but I wasnt trying to hard to tell the full story.

Ya know im going to tell yall a story about a church I wish I could go back to yall have never herd about a good church from me so here we go.

The church I am talking about was in a small town called Johnsin City, Tx. The paster was great and the people that helped out around the church were great also. How were they great? They made you think and I really mean think! My sunday school teacher was wanderfull. She took us threw Revelations and gave us some wild cool ideas! About how maybe some of the things discribed might be helocoperters and other things. It was a neet way to look at it. Mind you I said "might be" she didnt say it was the gospol truth but she did get me interested in what the Bible has to say.

The paster was great and very kind. My brother and I called him Frire Tuck. He was bald with a dent in his head and he also got me very interested in the Bible. This was all at the age of 11-12. Anyways they would hold a thing on Friday night for the kids to come and play. We would play baskit ball and 4 squar. One year they cleared the whole church aditoriom and turned off all the lights. Why? To let us play tag in the church! It was a blast. Some guy accedently ran into a table and fliped with it. He wasnt hurt but everyone was laughing. He had the tabel ontop of him and it was hularius.

We also had lunch there all the time as well. People would sit around and talk about there lifes together and what not. It was great to see the body of Christ just sitting around together like one big famely. If I had a chance to go back and stay at that church I would. It was really one big family of bilivers. What I think a church really should be like. Not just a once a week come in and then go thing.

So there are good churches out there but there arnt that many in my openion. They are hard to find.

Some people say I should be a paster but I dont feel a calling to it. Anyone else have that prob? Maybe im wrong and I should try to be a paster. I still think I have some grouth to do befor I will think I could do that. Then again I can do all things threw Christ Jesus. Oy where did this all come from. Grrrr Im in an odd mood and talking to much again. Maybe I should just hit post and git for now. Maybe I will post a big fit like this again some other time.

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There are good churches out there, I couldn't tell you how many 'cause I don't know. I do know that mine is pretty good though, at least the youth group is... I don't know about the adult service 'cause I don't go there... oh well. Anyway, I say that if you're willing to look hard enough, eventually you can find someone who is willing to support the kind of Christian game you want. ...I think.


Okay Angel, I'll post a little C&C on the other thread.


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In which forum did you post your idea, angel, so I can go and look at it. I'm sure it is a great idea. When I read what you are writing here, I see that you know what you are talking about, and that is great. We have to many people out there, not knowing what they are talking about.

Anyways, when it comes to churches, I know that there are litterally thousands of churches that are not great, and even there are churches "mis"using the name of Christ for their own good. First of all, you will never find a perfect church, but you can find good churces. My church as an example, is a great church, it is not perfect but the most people in it are sincere and serious christians, who want to follow in the steps of our Master, Jesus Christ. I will give you this advice, when you are in a church, stay there and see what they are doing, and look at fruits. Is it Jesus Christ, as the Son of God, they are preaching? Is there any love between the members? Is the church showing a sincerity or a seriousness in their services? Is there a Christ like love there? Ask yourself all these questions, and talk to the pastor or any other leader, and hear what they are saying, are they sincere? Honest? Real?

Nobody is perfect, and so will the leaders of a church also be, but "read" them, and look at honesty, loveliness, sincerity?

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hey welcome our new friend from denmark..

i want to travel scandanavia sometime...

God Bless you, and hope to see you around more..

as for churches.. it is true that men fail, and lives that are submitted to Christ won't run a good church.. however God grace is sufficent..
and i believe that as we ask for gifts , God is faithful to give them to us, we can ask Him for the church home that he wants us to grow and serve in, ask Him that he plants our foundations in Him and the 'perfect' church home for us in that season of our life..


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Baltasar I have not been here in some time so im sorry for not replying sooner. I forgot were the post was on the page too. Its probably in Game Design. I think that is the link. Its not for the game that I am working on but gives an idea of the sorta writer I am. Anyways if you want to discuss this any further you would probably need to e-mail me at . Ive just been very busy and latly all that we do on this board is endlessly argue about the Bible.

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